East Village Home Pie

The Luisaida


chorizo, fresh garlic, hot pickled peppers from "The Pickle Guys" & mozzarella

A spicy pie that says whassup to Loisaida’s own Luis Guzman. Walking around the Lower East Side with Luis Guzman is like walking around with the Pope, and Luis, a man of the people, makes time for everyone -- for a selfie, for a hug, for a discussion about his role in "The Count of Monte Christo." Luis cut his teeth at the landmark community center, CHARAS, where he worked with Two Boots co-founder Doris Kornish, in a play called "We Don't Want No Cheese, We Want Apartments, Please." And before achieving success in "Boogie Nights" and "Scarface," Luis was featured in both of Two Boots owner Phil Hartman's feature films "No Picnic" and "Eerie." In tribute to his spicy performances we proudly present "The Luisaida," featuring chorizo and hot pickled peppers from LES institution, The Pickle Guys. You can take Luis out of the Loisaida (he now lives in LA, co-starring in Code Black), but you can never take the Loisaida out of Luis!